Welcome to Entwine Therapy, comfortably located in central Fort Collins, Colorado specializing in Gender, Sexuality, and Sex therapy with individuals, couples, and families. Entwine Therapy was founded on the idea that all aspects of our lives are connected and when we are stunted or limited in one space of life, we cannot truly express ourselves in the other places of our life. Equally, finding full expression and growth in challenging areas of life creates a network of personal development in other avenues. At Entwine Therapy, I focus on facilitating growth for individuals and couples so they can gain a greater sense of equilibrium and excellence in their lives. I believe that every story is important and it is a pleasure to share in yours.

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Some of my specialties as a therapist include:

Couples and Relationship Issues

Polyamory and ethical non-monogamy

Sex therapy

BSDSM and Kink

Gender Identity and Gender Dysphoria

Understanding Sexuality

Queer identities

Children and Adolescents


Sex Education

Workshops & Trainings

I take pride in and have passion for my work as a therapist. For me, being a therapist is about connecting with people in ways that are vulnerable, honest, and exciting. It is my priority that my clients receive the utmost care and confidentiality in their work with me and I am always looking to find new creative and well informed ways to grow my practice. I take an intersectional approach to my work which considers that our identities affect the way we show up in our personal lives and in relationships. By continually considering topics of gender, sexuality, race, class, faith, disability, and other identities, clients are able to bring their whole selves into therapy without judgement or restriction. Specializing in gender identity, sexuality, and sex therapy issues drives my passion for working with individuals in multifaceted ways that impact the entirety of their lives in the most dynamic of ways. I truly believe that therapy can be an exciting adventure and I look forward to embarking on it with you!




In addition to therapeutic services, I specialize in providing workshops, trainings, and professional talks around issues of gender, sexuality, and sex. I am available for large group or small group trainings as well as classroom discussions, and individual education sessions.







Bachelors of the Arts from the University of Northern Colorado

Masters of the Arts in Couples and Family Counseling from University of Northern Colorado

Marriage and Family Therapist Candidate

Nationally Certified Counselor, Registered Psychotherapist

American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists- Certification in progress


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